Schneider Electric: challenging managers with Save It Yourself®

Schneider Electric involves managers in energy savings with GULPLUG’s Save It Yourself®


PLC validation laboratory in Carros, France.

  • Testing and validating Programmable Logic Computers
  • Over 500 employees
  • ISO 50 001 certified company
  • 1 energy manager
  • 7 sectors monitored


Challenging managers to save energy on weekdays and weekends

The laboratory only had one global electric meter. The energy manager had observed that the daily electric consumption on weekends represented 80% of the daily electric consumption on weekdays, even though the laboratory is closed on weekends. He had detected a potential to save energy on weekends, and he wanted to explore the electric consumption of the laboratory.

In order to do that, the energy manager needed to know exactly how much each of the 7 sectors consumed, by monitoring the 21 Canalis that powered them, and to provide the sector managers with a real-time access to the electric consumption data of their sector.

The primary goal was to enable the laboratory’s top management to motivate the sector managers with bonuses indexed on the energy savings of their sector. It would also enable the energy manager to impact workplace behaviors by showing them that they could improve the energy efficiency of their activity.


Detailed and non-intrusive electric consumption monitoring using GULPLUG’s Save It Yourself®

Schneider Electric used 21 Save It Yourself® non-intrusive, wireless and self-powered sensors (E-Cubes) to monitor the electric consumption of 21 Canalis powering 7 PLC testing sectors.

Clamping an E-Cube takes 1 second and does not require an electrician or to stop the machines
 login details were provided to each sector manager for them to monitor their sectors’ electric consumption.

Bonuses were indexed on the electric consumption data to motivate the sector managers.

The energy manager exported and displayed the data monthly, and organized weekly awareness initiatives.


Saving 38% on weekends and 20% on weekdays

The results were quick and impressive. By involving sector managers in energy savings and through the impact on workplace behaviors, electric consumption was reduced by 38% on weekends and 20% on weekdays

The energy manager stated that Save It Yourself® is “very practical and modern” and that “the system works well, there was no issue”.