“The solution offered by GULPLUG was found to be the simplest and most adapted to the needs of the company”
– Quote from the H2020 projet : Energy savings achieved through the use of energy monitoring system in SMEs.

For this project, energy monitoring solution providers were benchmarked, which led to the choice of Save It Yourself® for the electric monitoring of a metalworking company.

The deployment of Save It Yourself® enabled the company to:

  1. Confirm, refine and make more reliable the data measured during the audits
  2. Detect consumption drifting and alert when equipment is not functioning normally: failures, settings issues, improper use, etc…
  3. Optimise the production organisation : program machine starts, optimise the ovens heating time, stop the equipment when it is not used, etc…

A survey among top management showed that “they all perceive a strong interest in monitoring solutions and are willing to recommend them to other SMEs managers”.

Click here to read the full project report (in French only)