The simplest and safest hands-free charging solution for all electric vehicles


Hands-free EV charging

A conductive hands-free charging solution for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and autonomous vehicles. SELFPLUG® is THE fastest, simplest, and safest way to plug in.

Autonomous vehicles

(existing vehicles)

OEM equipment (new vehicles)

Industrial Vehicles

Hands-free & 100% energy efficient

SELFPLUG® automatically plugs in vehicles when they park, and automatically unplugs them when they start, enabling conductive bidirectional charge & discharge (V2G ready, IEC 15118).

Easy set-up & nomadic

Plugged in a standard wall socket or in a wallbox, our plug&play SELFPLUG® requires no installation and is easy to unplug, transport and plug anywhere. It is robust against obstacles, angle issues and ground that is split or not flat

Compatible with all electric vehicles

100% EV or hybrid PHEV, existing or brand new, autonomous or non-autonomous, for home & office or fleet applications

Safety first

SELFPLUG® presents no HF wave risk. It is also water, dirt, sand, snow, and ice salt proof, with a wide temperature range.

Other uses:

  • User-friendly magnetic plugs
  • Industrial robotics
  • Mobile building components (heated glass panels, modular furniture and fixtures, etc.)

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