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reduce your industrial facility’s energy consumption with a plug-and-play kit that is easy, fast, and safe to use

Your energy management kit

Reduce your industrial facility’s energy consumption by 5% to 12% without ever stopping production


Your energy sensors

So simple you can install these wireless, batteryless sensors yourself without shutting down your production equipment.


Your Plug&Play kit

This kit is convenient enough to take anywhere, and it includes everything you need. Just plug it in to any electrical outlet and it gathers and transmits your energy consumption data. No action is required on your part!

Save It Yourself®

Your web portal

View your industrial equipment’s consumption data and access all of our services in one place!

They use our solution in their plants

Our vision: a new way to connect

gulplug offers two solutions to let you connect your machines to data and electricity.

Save it yourself®


Energy efficiency for industrial facilities and buildings of all kinds.


An innovative technology that automatically plugs your electrical equipment in.

Energy management & new regulations