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electric vehicle usage

Battery always charged

Battery always charged

As the vehicle is plugged in once a day, the battery is always charged: no more range anxiety for daily commutes.
No manual plugging

No manual plugging action from the driver

The vehicle is automatically plugged in as soon as it is parked on its usual slot freeing the user, no more to take a bulky cable out of the car, to plug it in, to unplug it and then to store it back in the car full of dirt or moisture.
EV is always preconditioned

EV is always preconditioned for the next trip

EV is always preconditioned: temperature of your choice every day, windscreen de iced in wintertime, interior cooled down in summertime.
No longer need to go to the station

No longer need to go to the station

No waste of time to drive to the station, to find a working charging point, to wait there until the battery is charged, and then to drive back.

MAKES Electric Vehicles

Reduces charging power required by 25%

Lower the charging power needed

As the vehicle is plugged once a day and for a long time, only a limited quantity of energy has to be charged during a long time requiring a lower on board charger power. Both vehicle and SELFPLUG installation will be more affordable.
Extends battery life by 2 years

Increase battery lifespan

As the vehicle is plugged in once a day and energy used for daily commutes is only a fraction of battery capacity, its charge level can be always maintained in a limited range, typically between 50% and 80%. This new charging strategy will increase the battery lifetime by 25% at least.
Rightsize battery capacity
to EV usage

Rightsize battery capacity

As battery is charged once a day, for daily commutes just a fraction of the battery capacity is used. Full battery capacity is used only for occasional long-distance trips . Users that will do a few long-distance trip a year may choose a lower battery capacity to get a more affordable EV.
Lower energy cost

Lower energy cost

As the vehicle is plugged in once a day and for hours, battery can be charged when energy cost is at its lowest. Energy can be stored when at its lowest cost and then retrieved when its value is higher. EV becomes a source of revenue.